I’m honored to be asked at any time for something for the Sewanee Review— Eudora Welty

The Review Review reviews the Sewanee Review

Who reviews the reviews? Turns out, the Review Review does. The Review Review—where "writers can get a deeper sense of . . . journals by reading reviews of the latest issues"—has posted a review of our winter 2014 issue, and we're happy to say that it's quite positive! Read their unsolicited, unbiased opinion of our poetry themed issue "The Dance of Poetry" over on their website. The questions remains, howevever: who reviews the Review Review?

For all the very real problems associated with writing programs, one of the undeniable benefits is the time they afford to be in the presence of other people who care deeply about writing.  You get a few years of intense thought and conversation, all rooted in the construction of literature.  Reading the Winter 2014 issue of The Sewanee Review is like jumping back into that kind of community for a few hours.  The voices here are smart, the writing is sharp, and the pleasure these writers take in discussing the art and craft of writing is palpable.

—The Review Review