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Kent Nelson Wins Prize

Sewanee Review contributor Kent Nelson has won the The Drue Heinz Literature Prize from the University of Pittsburgh Press for his manuscript of The Spirit Bird: Short Storiesa collection that includes three stories originally published in the SR. PEN/Faulkner Award Winner David Guterson, who judged the competition, said of Nelson’s work: “It’s a collection set in disparate geographies and touching on disparate lives, but it explores consistently the terrain of loneliness and yearning. . . . These stories open out instead of closing up.” To get a taste of the as yet unpublished collection, you can read what is presumably the title story, “The Spirit Bird,” over at the VQR. The story focuses on a group of birders, characters no doubt familiar to Nelson, who according to the VQR “has a North American life bird list of 748 species” (wow!).


Look for Nelson's most recent fiction, "Lucky," in our soon-to-be-released summer 2014 issue.