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Four Chances to Read Floyd Skloot

It's difficult to keep up with an author as prolific and consistently compelling as Floyd Skloot, so we've put together a few recent highlights to get you up to speed. Poetry Daily has featured Floyd Skloot’s poem “The Moviemaker,” originally published in our winter 2014 issue. The poem details a father’s career as a “haphazard home-moviemaker.” In likely related news, Skloot has a new collection of poetry, Close Reading, out now in the United Kingdom (US residents can buy it from Amazon). Skloot also has a new memoir out now called Revertigo, which centers on “a 138-day attack of unrelenting vertigo.” Pick it up over at the University of Wisconsin Press. And, as if all that weren't enough, Skloot is set to release another collection of poems, titled Approaching Winter, fittingly scheduled for the fall of 2015 from Louisiana State University Press.

"Skloot's is an extraordinary voice that gains in power over time, one that brings us closer to the mysteries that hover beyond the experiences of our daily lives"

—Marguerite Guzman Bouvard, Prairie Schooner

"One of fifty of the most inspiring authors in the world."

—Poets and Writers