Criticism is an act which involves a restless seeking after the essence of art . . . it must illumine the necessary relation between art and life.— George Core

Upcoming Issues

Dwelling in Possibility (Winter 2016)

The title of the winter issue on poetry, the first of our 124th year, comes from Dickinson’s poem, “I dwell in Possibility,” and refers to the depth of interpretation possible with good poetry. This issue includes a plethora of such poetry, bookended by Christian Wiman’s meditations on religion and healing, as well as new Sabbath poems from Wendell Berry; more poetry by J. T. Barbarese, Cally Conan-Davies, William Virgil Davis, Ernest Hilbert, David Madden, Stephen Malin, Jerome Mazzaro, and Kathryn Starbuck.

This issue also features some fantastic essays on poets, including Dawn Potter on the strain that writing puts on a writer's personal relationships, an essay by Scott Donaldson about Fitzgerald and Dorothy Parker’s relationship, and a discussion of Raymond Carver’s poetry by Robert Lacy. More essays and reviews include those by Chris Arthur (on Seamus Heaney), John Check (on Maurice Ravel), Brian Keeble (on Kathleen Raine), David R. Slavitt (on Merrill Moore), Marc Hudson (on Tolkien’s Beowulf), David Havird (on James Dickey), and George Core (on Malcolm Cowley). Along with this wonderful symposium on poetry, this issue contains a historical short story by Ann S. Epstein about the Radium Girls.

It also seems as if Conrad Aiken—whom the Aiken Taylor Award is named after—has been on everybody’s mind. His name pops up multiple times throughout this issue like Waldo among those tumultuous cityscapes. And speaking of the Aiken Taylor Award, this year’s recipient will be announced in the winter 2016 issue. Drumroll please . . .

You can find the list of books reviewed here.

Fiction and the Criticism of Fiction

The spring issue of our 124th year will feature stories from Kathleen Ford, Peter Makuck, Dennis McFadden; essays by William E. Cain (on Willa Cather), Robert Lacy (on Mary McCarthy), Nick Ripatrazone (on belief in fiction); remembrances of Helen Norris Bell and Bill Harrison; reviews by Merritt Moseley (on James Wood), George Core, and other hands; poetry by A. M. Brandt, Suzanne Cleary, Simon Hunt, David Middleton, Sarah Rossiter, Molly Tamarkin. THIS ISSUE IS OPEN