The Sewanee Review has . . . reached the status of an institution . . . its loss . . . would be a symptom of an alarming decline in the periodical world.— T. S. Eliot

Upcoming Issues

Architecture of Death: the Literature of War

What choice or choices did I make somewhere along the line to have ended up sitting at this table in these particular ruins?

—Ernest Finney, "The Resistance"

The upcoming fall issue includes essays by Richard Tillinghast on Nathan Bedford Forrest and Robert Lacy on the "home front" during WWII along with essays by George Bornstein, Gerald L. Smith, Christopher Thornton, and Robert G. Walker; fiction by Margot Demopoulos, Ernest J. Finney, and Ann Lohner; poetry by Graham Barnhart, Craig Challender, Robert Cooperman, Damien Douglas, Dwight Gray, Kathleen Hellen, Graham Hillard, Lisa McCabe, Michael Miller, Thomas Reiter, and Brian Swann; and reviews by Jonathan Allison, William E. Engel, Pat C. Hoy II, Nancy Revelle Johnson, Jeffrey Meyers and other hands. THIS ISSUE IS CLOSED.

"Son, you've lived what

war is: life piled on death. Breath in, breath out.

I'd give you my lungs if I could but this

Will have to do . . .

A taste of sweet, weevil-free. Call me Walt"

—Craig Challender, "Armory Square Hospital: 13th January 1864"

Poetry and the Criticism of Poetry (Winter 2016)

This issue includes essay by John Check on the work of Maurice Ravel, Robert Crossley on the final books of Paradise Lost, and an exploration of F. Scott Fitzgerald's relationship with Dorothy Parker, along with pieces by Dawn Potter, Chrus Arthur, Scott Donaldson, Brian Keeble, Ryan Wilson, and David R. Slavitt. Poetry by Richard H. Behm, William Virgil Davis, Gwenn Gebhard, Henry Langhorne, David Madden, Stephen Malin, Jerome Mazzaro, David Middleton, Kathryn Starbuck, Neil Shepard, and Don Welch; reviews by A. Banerjee, Henry Hard, Marc Hudson, George Monteiro, W. Brown Patterson, and Barry Powell. And an historical short story by Ann S. Epstein concerning the Radium Girls. THIS ISSUE IS CLOSED

You can find the list of books reviewed here.

Fiction and the Criticism of Fiction

Stories by Kathleen Ford and other hands; essays by William E. Cain on Willa Cather, Robert Lacy on Mary McCarthy, and Nick Ripatrazone on belief within fiction; remembrances of Helen Norris Bell and Bill Harrison; reviews by Merritt Moseley on James Wood, and other hands; poetry by Suzanne Cleary, SImon Hunt, David Middleton, Sarah Rossiter, and Molly Tamarkin.