Criticism is an act which involves a restless seeking after the essence of art . . . it must illumine the necessary relation between art and life.— George Core

Upcoming Issues

The Dark Perplexity of Suffering (Spring 2016)

The spring issue of our 124th year, which focuses on fiction and its criticism, will feature stories by James Colgan, Peter Makuck, Dennis McFadden, Kent Nelson, and H. William Rice; essays by William E. Cain (on Willa Cather), Robert Lacy (on Mary McCarthy), Nick Ripatrazone (on belief in fiction), Gladys Swan (on writing the novel); remembrances of Helen Norris Bell, Bill Harrison, and James Salter; a theatre review by Pamela Royston Macfie; reviews by Fred Hobson (on Styron), Merritt Moseley (on James Wood), George Core, and other hands; poetry by A. M. Brandt, Suzanne Cleary, Simon Hunt, Wesley McNair, David Middleton, Sarah Rossiter, Molly Tamarkin, Elizabeth Crowell. THIS ISSUE IS CLOSED

Then, without ceremony . . . there you are—

one of the inviolate survivors

of the corner shipwreck.

The flame is flickering. A storm is rising.

Somewhere black seeds hidden in black soil

are taking root.

—A.M. Brandt, "A Solitary Romance"

Essays in Biography and Autobiography (Summer 2016)

Essays by Ann E. Berthoff (on libraries), Robert Buffington (on Tate), David Heddendorf (on Emerson), George Keithley (on the Pacific gray whale), Merritt Moseley (on Austen), David J. Rothman (on Levi), David Yezzi (on Marie Ponsot); autobiography from Lucienne S. Bloch, Mel Livatino, Sam Pickering, Gerald Smith; reviews by Robert Lacy, Michael Mott, and other hands; poetry by Stephen Behrendt, Catharine Savage Brosman, Peter Cooley, R. S. Gwynn, Floyd Collins, Philip Raisor, Jay Rogoff, Floyd Skloot, and Michael Spence; stories by Wendell Berry, Kathleen Ford, and Marlin Barton. THIS ISSUE IS CLOSED